GRADES 4 - 9

Online Classes for grades 4-9 are all taught live in zoom. Alberta Education requires we take attendance for elementary Jr High and students are to attend class regularly. There is no asynchronous option for grades 4-9.

If there is an absence due to sickness or an appointment, students need to let the teacher know so they can mark it as excused. All classes are recorded so if class is missed, a student can go back and watch what they missed.

*The grade 4-9 online program is NOT a work at your own pace program. Students are expected to hand in assignments ontime and make up for missed classes/quizzes in a timely manner.

As an online school, the majority of our materials are delivered in a digital format.

Hope Christian School uses ZOOM as our classroom platform, and a CANVAS as our learning management system. CANVAS is where students receive and hand in all assignments and quizzes. At the start of the school year there will be orientation sessions for all of our students that lays out the software needed and explains the procedures for submitting assignments and so forth.

Students are required to have a computer or laptop with a FULL operating system. A Chromebook is NOT sufficient for online classes with Hope Christian School.