ACE Diagnostic Test

If you are unsure as to what Paces you need to order this year,  you are welcome to take the ACE free diagnostic test.  This will help to correctly assign the appropriate curriculum that will meet and challenge your student at their performance level.  There are four areas that are tested:  Math, English, Reading and Spelling.

Success Maker

SuccessMaker is a program is designed to “find and fill” gaps and weak spots from lower-level learning, in order to support (not replace) current learning. It also very efficiently identifies existing lower-level concepts, marks them as already mastered and skips over them, to spend more time on actual difficulties, whether complete gaps in knowledge or just skills that once were learned, but have now been forgotten.

As pre-requisite skills are built up, a student is able to work more independently at grade-level, with greater success. Students do 15-minute sessions, four or five days a week.

Work in SuccessMaker must be completely independent: no outside assistance of any kind. Although the SuccessMaker program itself makes automatic adjustments, part of my role is to monitor data and make manual adjustments, as required, to ensure that the student can in fact work independently, without frustration and with ongoing success.

If you are familiar with a Jenga puzzle then imagine that the top of the puzzle is the beginning of the current grade-level, and that, below that level, many of the blocks are missing. You can continue to build on top, but if you don’t fill in the gaps, the tower will become increasingly shaky, and eventually fall down. SuccessMaker finds those gaps and fills them in: the whole tower becomes stronger, the student finds grade-level work easier, and requires less assistance.

The cost is $75 for the schoolyear, for both reading and math.

Contact: Tom Emerson SuccessMaker Support

Office/VM: 250-832-5775 temerson@successmakercanada.com