Grades 1-3

Hope Christian School’s Online school offers teacher-taught Alberta Education accredited courses that have been specifically developed to express a Christian world view.

Students in our Grades 1-3 online program attend four short online classes each day, and instructional activities are taught by our caring Christian teacher. Students will spend their online classes interacting with the teacher, collaborating with their classmates and building community to inspire a sense of belonging.

Between online classes, students engage in additional learning activities provided by their teacher. These independent activities will be completed with the guidance and supervision of a parent/guardian, who will work with their child

The true gift of our Grades 1-3 online program is the balance of time spent in live learning sessions and in independent learning time as the teacher and parent/guardian together toward educational goals. The independent learning activities vary throughout the year and include outdoor learning activities, hands-on activities, creative activities, paper and pencil tasks, and the use of digital tools and resources.

Required Hardware:  

Required Software:

Tuition Fees
There are no tuition fees for students living in Alberta and registered by September 29th of the given school year.
There are no course fees for required course material or licenses.  

Tuition fees are charged for out of province and international students.
Tuition Fee List.