Hope Christian School's summer program runs from June 29 through July 30th.

Students can take or re-take any high school core course on a first come first served basis.

Summer courses are asynchronous, all lectures are prerecorded and will be done on a student set schedule – while fulfilling the requirements of the course deadlines. You will be receiving a link to our Canvas Management System June 29th for you to begin.

We also offer the opportunity to be involved in a summer residential camp where you may obtain credits for Drama, CALM20 and/or Photography. These camps will be hosted in the Ponoka, Alberta area. Space for these camps is limited so please apply early if you would like to reserve a spot. Please see the following link for more details. Please note that as of July 3 we will no longer be accepting registrations for summer courses. Please select Summer 2020 for the year. If you wish to register with us after that date, you will need to fill out a registration form for the 2022-2023 school year which will begin August 30th, 2022.

Drama is offered as a one-week intensive experience (Sunday evening to Saturday afternoon) in two different weeks in the summer. Students have the opportunity to be part of a theatrical musical, get to know at least 25 other students, act, sing..!

Along with the production of the play, primary goals of drama camp are team building, individual growth, fostering a positive self-concept, and development of a community. There have been many friendships started at camp.

Casting is done in advance and each student receives a copy of the script (or access to a digital version of the script) about a month in advance and are asked to come prepared for both the fun and the work of a play.

Eligible students will have turned 12 prior to the beginning of camp. All high school students (having completed grade 9), will register for Drama as a course with Hope Christian and will receive 5 credits in Drama 10, 20 or 30. There is some extra preparatory work to make up the requirements of the Drama course. Those not yet in high school will receive the same instruction opportunities and so on, but their preparation will be solely for their part in the play.

Students will be asked to purchase a theatrical makeup kit if they do not already have one—about $32. These will be available at the camps. A list of other items that are necessary are on camp registration forms.

Students will stay in cabins or may bring trailers, campers, motorhomes to the site if they wish their own accommodation. Our past experience with central Alberta weather means that tents are not appropriate accommodations. We don’t want to have to dry you out! We will communicate with families/students who indicate that there are food allergies and try to accommodate those needs.

Register soon. Drama camps fill up!

Contact info: or 403 783 3446.
Camp Dates: July 10th-16th and August 14th-20th
Registration Deadlines
: May 31st

Fees: • $425 for Junior High, • $250 for high school students (completed grade9),
• Non-refundable deposit of $75