Hope Christian School’s Online school offers teacher-taught Alberta Education accredited courses that have been specifically developed to express a Christian world view in English, Social Studies, Science, Biology and CALM 20. Through our online school you or your child would have the opportunity to obtain a complete Alberta Education Diploma online without ever having to enter a regular classroom. You instead would participate in an online teacher-taught classroom.

  • Synchronous classes available in core classes – all core classes offer one semester of synchronous classes where you actually attend class via Zoom and listen to direct instruction from the teacher, get help on questions, meet your classmates, and learn about assignment expectations.

Recorded classes – all of our “live” classes are recorded so if you can’t make it to class the actual recording complete with student questions is available during the whole term.

  • Asynchronous classes available in non-core and opposite semesters – would you rather learn by watching recordings with open deadlines? You can enroll in classes that have a bit more freedom to mesh with your work schedule. Be aware – there are still deadlines!

  • CANVAS Learning Management System
    CANVAS is where students receive and hand in all assignments and quizzes.
    At the start of the school year there will be orientation sessions for all of our students that lays out the software needed and explains the procedures for submitting assignments and so forth.

Full Time Students:

  • Our full time students attend live classes for all core subjects.

  • Students are asked to attend scheduled zoom classes that are taught live. Class participation is encouraged but not required.

  • Students attend class usually about twice a week per course and are encouraged to complete the assigned work between live classes on their own schedule.

  • Live classes make it easier for some students to stay on track and have more teacher accountability when it comes to falling behind. Students have the ability to email their teachers with questions outside of class or schedule a zoom meeting for their questions also.

  • All of our live classes are recorded, so when students miss class for one reason or another, they are able to go back and watch the recording of the missed class and more easily catch up to the rest of the class without missing any instruction.

  • All of our CTS and option courses are not taught live, but completed on a students own time or in between time with either pre-recorded lectures or reading material corresponding with assignments.

Part Time Students:

  • Our Part-Time students take asynchronous courses.

  • This has our students watching the recorded classes whenever it works for their schedules and completing the corresponding assignments before they watch the next lecture. This gives students a lot of flexibility as to how quickly they finish a course or if they need a little more time on a particular concept before they move on.

  • Teachers will be emailing students who are falling behind encouraging them to submit assignments.

  • Teachers are all available for questions by email or scheduled zoom meetings for these students also.

  • The asynchronous program works best for students that are self motivated and committed to finishing a course. Although deadlines are fluid, we do still expect students to finish the courses within the given semester timeline.

  • Courses can be transferred into the following semester for a $50 transfer fee per course.

Required Hardware:

  • Computer or laptop with a FULL operating system (a Chromebook is NOT sufficient for online classes)

  • High Speed Internet

  • Speakers or headset with microphone

  • Microphone

  • Printer/scanner

Required Software:

  • Microsoft Office provide for FREE

  • Canvas Learning Management System that will be provided

  • Chrome browser

  • Personal career counselling and personal timetable adjustments help you connect with your teachers and make sure your education is relevant to what you want to do! To arrange an appointment please email Mrs. Margaret Dart.