Hope Christian School Scholarship Criteria:
1. Presented to a current school year graduate from Hope Christian School (online or homeschool).

2. Applicants must be registered as a priority student and complete their diploma exams through Hope Christian School.

3. Applicants must prove acceptance to a post-secondary program.

4. Amount and Payment of Award This scholarship award of $500 will be paid in one-lump sum payment upon official confirmation of registration and attendance at an accredited post-secondary program. This confirmation is to be made to the PLSD Secretary-Treasurer. The onus for meeting this requirement lies entirely with the successful applicant.
The Alex Rutherford Scholarship is a scholarship that all Alberta grad students can apply for with no competition. It is based on certain criteria throughout Sr. High. If a student is planning to attend post-secondary they are eligible. Apply in August once your official high school transcript marks are available or any year you are registered in post-secondary.
HCS Preparing for High School 7a.pdf

4-H Scholarships

4-H (students past or present) apply for the 4-H Scholarships before May 17, 2023

  • Eligibility

      • Applicant must have been a foster child with an official Canadian or American foster care program and agrees to having the above organization verify the same.

        • Will be enrolled as a full-time student at a recognized general/ vocational College or post-secondary institution in Canada or USA as of September.

        • Canadian or American Citizen or Permanent Resident

        • Applicant must be 24 years of age or less at the time of application.

        • Winner agrees to having his/her name, photo and post secondary institution displayed on the Storwell website.

Application Process

  • Fill out the application by September 1st.

  • This is an annual bursary, you may apply at any time your application will be put towards the next award.

  • All information submitted on this form is strictly confidential.

How to Apply for Student Aid

Student Aid is a government service that provides student loans, grants, scholarships, and awards to help you pay for your post-secondary education. Student aid may not cover all of your costs, so you’ll need to plan to make up the difference.

You only have to submit one application to be considered for loans and grants from both Alberta’s government and Canada’s government. Most students get money from both, which means you may get two smaller loans instead of one big one.

You should:

  • Apply early. The only way to know for sure how much money you’ll get is to apply and wait for your award letter. You should apply at least 60 days before your classes start so that you have time to figure out your finances.

  • Apply every year. You can apply for student aid for up to 12 months at a time. If your period of study is longer, you need to submit another application.

MyAlberta Digital ID System

Students currently use the MyAlberta Digital ID system to sign in to their Alberta Student Aid accounts. On September 8, 2022, Student Aid will be integrating with verified identity security protocols on the MyAlberta Digital ID system.

Students will need to create or update to a verified MyAlberta Digital ID account to continue to access their account. Students who do not verify their personal accounts by this date will lose access to their Alberta Student Aid accounts. This change will make it easier for students to keep their personal information safe and secure.

What is MyAlberta Digital ID?

It’s a free account that lets you prove who you are online without paper documents or face-to-face visits. MyAlberta Digital ID gives you seamless access to a range of government sites and services, while protecting your information and privacy.

What is changing with Alberta Student Aid accounts?

Students will no longer be able to confirm their identity on their personal accounts using the following personal identifiers or shared secrets:

  • two Alberta High School Diploma level official marks, or

  • Alberta Student Aid Agreement Number or Canada Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) Number, or

  • Alberta or Canada Cashed Loan Certificate Number

What do students need to do?

As of September 8, 2022, all students will need to create or update to a verified MyAlberta Digital ID account to sign in to the Alberta Student Aid System. Students who do not verify their accounts by this date will lose access to their Alberta Student Aid accounts. This means students will not be able to submit applications, upload documents, and view important notifications about grant payments and tax slips received in their inboxes.

Students must have a valid email address to create a basic (unverified) account.

Once the student creates a basic account, they should select the Verify account option and go through the required steps:

  1. Enter the personal information exactly as shown on an Alberta driver's licence, or Alberta Identification Card.

  2. They will be mailed a verification code to complete the final steps in verifying their MyAlberta Digital ID account.

If students have an existing Student Aid account, they will be able to transfer to a verified account.

Students can sign in to MyAlberta Digital ID using their existing Username and Password, and follow the above steps to verify their accounts.

Resources for Students

Please refer your students to the following materials and advise them to update their Alberta Student Aid accounts as soon as possible, and before Thursday, September 8:


Students having difficulty with MyAlberta Digital ID should contact the MyAlberta helpdesk, using the Contact Us link at the top of the webpage.

Alberta Apprentice & Trainee Awards and Scholarships

Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) provides various scholarships to apprentices and occupational trainees every year.

To learn more, browse the AIT scholarships and awards listings at: